Monday, 15 October 2012

Ryan Scott Nelson. No nudes!...... Except these!!!

Man of the moment, the solidly built young buck Ryan Scott Nelson is gaining momentum in the modelling industry.

This 20yo from Belle Vernon, PA is an IFPA pro natural bodybuilder, a full time college student and a personal trainer.

...and seems at times to be a gladiator

According to his model mayhem profile interests include fitness, fashion and commercial type shoots. No nudes.

No nudes?

Perhaps it means other than these:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The colossal grand-daddy demonstration of all nude runs!

First I'd like to take some time to give a standing salute to all the proud men willing to bare all for a cause they're passionate in. 

A very well done to you chaps! 

Removing your clothes to bring attention to your cause, a ballsy move by any standard... specially as that's exactly what you've got swinging in the breeze. 

Extra accolades to the guys not only willing to let it all hang loose but who look amazing while doing it. If you're gonna do it, might as well have something to show. To the athletic bodied, well groomed men standing confidently out in the elements, thank you for the service you provide your cause.

Those in the know, know that sex sells...and nudity is a major draw card.

We've all seen the 'rather be naked than wear fur' demonstrators..and college students seem to find any excuse to get their bits out. Now, stay with me on this one. What happens when the cause is nudity itself? The self proclaimed "ULTIMATE nude "streak" in the world"?

That's right I'm talking about the one and only annual demonstration in the streets of San Francisco to promote the acceptance of.......the public nude figure.

Boston has its Marathon... Pamplona has the bulls... New Orleans has Mardi Gras...

San Francisco has the historic Zazzle Bay to Breakers 12k.

The 101-year old Zazzle Bay to Breakers 12k is one of the world’s largest and oldest footraces, held annually in San Francisco, California. The name reflects the traditional course which takes tens of thousands of participants from the northeast end of the downtown area near The Embarcadero (the "bay" side of the city) to the west end of the city and the "breakers" of Ocean Beach. The 7.46 mile (12 kilometer) race features world-class athletes in addition to costumed runners and 'fun-loving' folks out for a great day of running and walking through San Francisco.

Bay to Breakers is held each May, and a large group of participants have their own agenda. I introduce to you "Bare to Breakers."

"There is a time when people reach a point in their lives when they just want to say "Why not!" make a statement."
"For many, BARE-2-BREAKERS is that statement whereby they can exercise their Free Speech rights, demonstrate their pro-nude viewpoint, and take life a little less seriously." 

The Bare2B team isn't hard to miss, if the masses of naked flesh don't catch your eye the brightly coloured yellow caps and smiley balloons will be sure to grab your attention.

More than just a group of people demonstrating naked. It is a dedicated group which raises funds for charity; and through a modest registration donation structure, its members contribute to the promotion and fostering of the nude demonstration through a BARE-2-BREAKERS outreach support program.

By the looks of some of their participants I'm sure they're receiving a lot of interest....

For more information, event guides and galleries surrounding the event please surf on over to these official websites:

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald - Nude in the "Rose Pose"

Keeping up with the anniversary release of the motion picture "Titanic," Australian Sport, Tv and Radio personality Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald in a stunt for his current radio station Nova has realsed a picture of himself in the infamous "Rose Pose" complete with couch and gem necklace.

Having lost a bet with his Nova radio co-presenter Michael "Wippa" Wipfli,  Ryan paid his dues by stripping to his birthday suit to the amusement of fans and recreating Kate Winslet's famous pose for a group of local artists.

Not shy of a camera (and with these ASSets who could blame him), Ryan as a contestant in the Australian series of Big Brother bared more than just a gem for a national audience. Now married and father to a two year old son, continues to show that no matter your schedule you can still take the time to keep yourself in check. Kudos!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Broadway Bares - All your fantasies performed on stage by the hottest stars.

The hotly anticipated BROADWAY BARES will pay tribute to our favorite childhood fairy tales as only the modern-day burlesque show could when this year's edition of the immensely popular event becomes BROADWAY BARES XXII: HAPPY ENDINGS.

In this 22nd edition of BROADWAY BARES, more than 200 of New York's sexiest and most delectable dancers will take you to a land where rubbing a magic lamp reveals more than just a genie. These storybook happy endings would make seven dwarfs whistle before and after they work. Special guests, who will be sure to awaken even the sleepiest beauty, will be announced at a later date.

Produced by and benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, BROADWAY BARES XXII: HAPPY ENDINGS will spin its tales on Sunday, June 17, for two performances only - at 9:30 PM & Midnight - at Roseland Ballroom (239 West 52nd Street, NYC).

My favorite performance will always be the 2009 football themed scene called "A Real Tight End" featuring Daniel Robinson shown below. Be sure to watch it through......all the good stuff really starts happening after the 2 minute mark ;)

See for more information and ticket details.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Can your BUTT take it? - The Secret Power Of Gay Butts, BUTTCAMP!

BUTTCAMP is the revolutionary new workout that taps into century old secrets gay men have cultivated to achieve the perfect butt. It’s all here in this action-packed video designed exclusively for you. This side-splittingly funny workout that will have your butt aching as much as your bone – your funny bone, that is!

The WORKOUT that’s HARDER, LONGER...and it’s GAYER than Glitter!

The 10 Gym Commandments

Steam Room Stories presents another funny and homoerotic video. This one looks at gym etiquette and some of the common pet peeves in the gym setting.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Flick That Wrist

In just a few fluid motions a jump rope workout will use most, if not all the major muscles of your body. 

From your legs, butt and abs right up to your chest, shoulders and arms you will feel the burn of a good workout just by jumping rope.

Take advantage of what Boxers and Martial Artists have known all along about this all encompassing cardio assault.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, found your natural rhythm and on your way to developing long, lean muscles in all top and bottom major muscle groups, you’ll enjoy the versatility of this flexible workout as it encourages creativity and spontaneity.

Switch it up and spend some more quality time on your core. Although your abs are already working to balance your body as you jump up and down, you can push them even further by just bending forward slightly with each jump while raising your knees as close to your chest as possible. Obliques can also be activated by raising just one knee at a time higher than normal towards your chest.

The back of the arms are well known trouble regions, target these and engage your triceps just by holding your arms out away from the side of your body for short intervals.

Quite possibly the cheapest and most practical piece of equipment you can take and use anywhere, anytime. Jump ropes are available at low cost from all leading sporting goods retailers. Put it in your briefcase, suitcase, backpack or back pocket and get into the swing of things.